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Treat Yourself! ...Is it a must or a maybe?

Posted on November 27 2017

Treat Yourself - Natureswear

Hello beautiful strangers! Nice to meet you all. My name is Jess and I'll be your 'Natureswear' blog writer from now on, if that's ok? I’ll be guiding you through all things fashion and lifestyle related until you arrive safely at your destination of health, happiness and welbeing. I ask you please remain seated until the seatbelt light is turned off, and of course, you MUST remember to lock all trays into an upright position in preparation for take off. Oh sorry, wrong monologue.

What I meant to say was thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoy these little spiels and bits of lifestyle advice. Today we are starting with a time that most of us will only get to witness in weathered photos and vivid recounts. A time where pampering ones self was considered a priority. I'm talking about, the era, of 1950s glamour!

Once upon a time ladies spent long hours, primping and pampering, floating around in silk slips and hair rollers while smoothing their skin with various oils. "That sounds hella time consuming" I hear you whimper. Yes, indeed it probably was. But was there a beauty to all this pampering? Is it now a lost art? Do we still nourish our senses and treat ourselves, or are we rushing through shower routines and ambling through manicures and blowouts while scrolling Instagram?

As I'm writing this I am sitting in my comfortable cotton pyjamas after a long, hot shower, inhaling the tantalising scent of my body wash, with rollers in my hair. Do I do this every night? Yeah right! But do I ever regret when I take the time for pampering when I can? Definitely not! Funnily enough I was feeling uninspired and frazzled, having so many ideas for this first post but coming up with half written articles. So what I did was, gave myself a break, cuddled my dog, showered and went through beauty routines that are so simple to do that you don't have to think, but stimulating enough that I could enjoy the sensation of it. And bam, the idea was born, this article was written

Now I'm not saying we burden our sleep by wearing uncomfortable rollers or undergoing some crazy impossible midnight ritual that defy's the amount of time a 21st century women has, but, maybe, just maybe, we can take inspiration from that time period and incorporate some luxury and pampering into our lives a little more. Every bit counts. It isn't about just pure physical vanity. What it is, is about, self love and care. And when we physically show ourselves we deserve to be treated well and respect our bodies, it assimilates into a mental message. One that says, "Yes, I am worth the time, I am worth caring about!".

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that the easiest person to forget is the one person you are always with, yourself! So let this be an encouragement to make yourself a priority and take the time to care for your body. In times when it's too hard to think your way around what consumes our everyday lives, like relationships, work, or even just personal goals, usually just doing something as simple as coming back to the present and focusing on the feel of soothing cream on your skin, or the bold colour of the nail polish your using, your bristled brush sliding through your wet hair, or the luxurious feeling of silk pyjamas, will not only physically replenish you, but mentally also.

 Even if it seems trivial or pointless, my dear it is not. Because self love is never time wasted. It revives our souls when conquering the real challenges gets too much. We need these small implementations of self care, to build our confidence for the more important life decisions. Things have definitely changed from the 1950s, and rightly so. We are modern woman, who are more than just tedious beauty routines and societal expectations, and thank God for those changes. But let's not forget, we are also human. And all humans need to show themselves some tender, loving, care.

To keep building bridges and changing the world, we need to keep the (metaphorical, not makeup) foundation of our wellbeing strong. So treat yourself to some at home pampering, brew a cup of tea, light a scented candle, put on that silk robe that makes you feel like a Victoria's Secret Angel. It doesn't have to be intensive or expensive. Just try to incorporate something small into your everyday routine that you can do to engage yourself in a loving, caring ritual that will replenish you daily. Trust me, Marilyn would approve!


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